Tron Gold is a utility token which supply is equal to the total amount of mined gold on earth

TRONGOLD (GOLD) is a Token within the Tron Network.

This network is one of the largest blockchain operating systems in the world This makes it very fast and cheap to transfer tokens. This scalability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are the three main reasons we chose the Tron Network..

Decentralized with Web3 Technology

The web3 movement is about decentralized applications, protocols, and smart contracts, while the DeFi movement creates the financial system for web3

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Pre sale end in 1 January 2022.

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Listing Price 1 TRXG = 20 USD

At 15,000 Holders 1 TRXG = 1,000 USD

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0.01 BNB = 15 TRXG

10 BNB = 1500 TRXG

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TronGold Digital Asset
and Ecosystem

Tronix Gold is not owned by any single one party. Instead, it is an open distributed network of validators which enforce behavior of all participants.

Decentralized protocols

TRXG distribution of token as decentralized manner. Tokens are given through Airdrops and Pre-sale.


TRXG uses the mechanism of a protocol token to create a proof-ofstake blockchain to enable enforcement of market activity amongst stakers.

Secured Transaction

TRXG uses a high-per format distributed network across asset classes, from at-backed issuers to fully decentralized blockchain tokens (BEP-20 style and native crypto currencies).


fast,cheap and secured.

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Symbol - TRXG

Decimals - 18

Supply - 40,000,000

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